Path of Exile: 8 Best Items to Sell for a Prosperous Adventure

Jan-18-2024 | Categories: path of exile

Path of Exile, a game that has conquered the hearts of ARPG enthusiasts, thrives on its intricate loot-based trading system. With a vast array and POE orbs of items filling your inventory, knowing what to sell can be the key to a prosperous adventure in the world of Wraeclast. In this guide, we'll explore eight of the best items to sell in Path of Exile, helping you navigate the in-game economy and enhance your character's power.

Skill Gems are the lifeblood of character customization in Path of Exile, and high-quality, leveled gems are a sought-after commodity. Gems with enhancements such as Empower, Enlighten, or Enhance can fetch a good amount of in-game currency. As players progress, they often accumulate more gems than they can use, making them an ideal item to sell for those seeking to augment their skills.

Chaos Orbs serve as a versatile Path of Exile currency. Their ability to reroll modifiers on magic items makes them valuable for players looking to enhance their gear. Acquiring Chaos Orbs can be a natural part of gameplay, especially through slaying powerful monsters or selling high-level equipment. Trading them can provide you access to other valuable currencies like Divine Orbs, expanding your options for customization.

Magical items drop abundantly throughout your journey, and even those not suitable for your build can have value. Unidentified rare items can be traded to vendors for Regal Orbs, adding another layer of usefulness to seemingly ordinary loot. This recycling approach allows you to extract value from items that might otherwise be overlooked.

Portal Scrolls, commonly found during your adventures, become abundant over time. Selling them to vendors can yield Orbs of Transmutation, a currency that facilitates the transformation of normal items into magical ones. Additionally, Orbs of Transmutation can be used to purchase unidentified magic items from vendors, providing a pathway to crafting materials.

Items with at least three linked sockets, each in a different color, can be sold for Chromatic Orbs. These orbs are instrumental in crafting gear by allowing players to alter the color of sockets on an item. While the outcome is random, Chromatic Orbs offer a valuable tool for achieving the perfect combination of socket colors for your build.

Orbs of Transmutation, primarily used to transform normal items into magical ones, have additional utility when sold to vendors. Players can acquire unidentified magic items, essential for crafting, or exchange Orbs of Transmutation for Scrolls of Wisdom, a valuable resource. Furthermore, these orbs play a role in creating unique amulets with potent perks.

Six-socket items may not always have the desired socket color combination, but selling them can yield Jeweler's Orbs. These orbs provide the opportunity to refresh the number of sockets on weapons or armor, aiding in the customization of gear. Perfect for turning a nearly ideal item into a best-in-slot piece with a bit of luck.

While not the first choice for selling due to their rarity, six-socket items with six linked sockets become valuable over time. Accumulating these items can be inevitable as you fine-tune your character. Trading them for Divine Orbs, one of the most valuable currencies, opens up possibilities for rerolling bonuses on items, a crucial aspect of end-game build crafting.

In conclusion, mastering the art of trading in Path of Exile involves recognizing the value in seemingly mundane items. Whether you're selling leveled skill gems, Chaos Orbs, or items with unique socket configurations, each transaction brings you closer to enhancing your character's power. 

With a keen eye for the market and a strategic approach to item management, your journey through MMOexp is sure to be a lucrative and rewarding one.