Path of Exile Guide: A Powerful AoE Damage Assassin Build with Blade Vortex

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on the Blade Vortex Assassin, an exceptional choice for players seeking to unleash devastating area-of-effect (AoE) damage in Path of Exile. This build excels at obliterating enemies and provides an exhilarating gameplay experience. In this guide, we will delve into the reasons for choosing Assassin, explore key skills and gear, and offer budget options to maximize your damage output.

Path of Exile: The Ultimate Guide to a Powerful AoE Damage Assassin Build with Blade Vortex

The Blade Vortex Assassin

Critical Strike Immunity: As an Assassin, you gain immunity to Critical Strikes when you have killed recently, providing invaluable survivability against hard-hitting enemies.

Spell Suppression: The Assassin's Ascendancy passive, Spell Suppression, grants you 20% chance to avoid being Stunned for each Power Charge you have. This defensive mechanic ensures uninterrupted casting even in the midst of chaos.

The Berserk Setup: The Berserk skill synergizes exceptionally well with Blade Vortex, granting increased damage, attack speed, and life leech. By utilizing this skill, you can unleash devastating damage while sustaining your life pool.

Skill Tree and Gear

Attack Speed Node: Investing in the Attack Speed Node is highly recommended as it provides an 8% flask effect. This enhancement significantly improves your character's performance at a minimal cost.

Call to Arms Keystone: Acquiring the Call to Arms Keystone allows your Enduring Cry to become instant. This setup facilitates quick and efficient generation of Endurance Charges, bolstering your survivability.

Rational Doctrine: Utilize the Rational Doctrine jewel to amplify your damage and survivability. This jewel provides Profane and Consecrated Ground effects, which significantly enhance your offensive capabilities.

Clusters and Large Cluster Jewels

To optimize your build, incorporate two AOE magnifier and assassin dominance clusters. Add a third cluster if desired. Notable passives to prioritize include:

Blast Freeze: This passive offers excellent crowd control by freezing and proliferating the freeze effect.

Doryani's Lesson: While you can obtain leech through Blade Vortex, this notable passive also grants leech, providing additional sustain.

Key Gear Pieces

Quiver, Watcher's Eye, and Mastery: These items are crucial for fully converting your damage, maximizing the efficiency of Blade Vortex. Ensure you obtain these pieces to reach your character's full potential.

Mirror Tier Bow: To truly shine with this build, acquire a top-tier bow. Fortunately, the best bow for this league is available for free mirror service, enabling you to maximize your damage output.

Helmet: A standard triple rarity helmet works well for this build. However, ensure you have enough Intelligence to activate the Rational Doctrine jewel's benefits.

Flask Setup: Customize your flask setup according to your needs. Balance movement speed, life regeneration, and magic find as necessary to enhance your survivability and utility during battles.

Budget Options and Maximizing DPS

If you are on a limited POE currency budget, consider opting for level four versions of the recommended awakened gems. Adjust your setup accordingly, acknowledging that this may result in a slight decrease in DPS. However, this modification makes the build more accessible for players with fewer resources. Additionally, MMOexp offers Path of exile currency for sale, which you can choose to buy from MMOexp, thus replenishing your needs.

By following this guide, you will embark on a journey to master the Blade Vortex Assassin, a formidable character capable of decimating foes and excelling in all aspects of the game. Whether you are clearing maps or challenging bosses, this build guarantees thrilling gameplay and unparalleled power. Harness the might of Blade Vortex and become an unstoppable force in Path of Exile.