Path of Exile: Impale Berserker Build Guide

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Welcome to the Path of Exile guide! In the dynamic world of Path of Exile, item mechanics, and skill choices may evolve between patches, affecting the build's effectiveness. Without further ado, let's dive into the details.

We're back with a league starter guide featuring a two-handed sword-wielding critical strike-based pure physical impale Berserker. The recent buffs to Berserker in the latest patch make it an excellent choice for easy damage and speed. Notably, accuracy melee skills in the passive tree have undergone major reworks, providing additional avenues for damage and critical strike scaling in the early stages of the league.

The build begins with a generic two-handed sword-wielding approach, transitioning into a critical strike-focused build with a preference for swords. Cyclone, thanks to its recent rework into a pure channeling skill, becomes the primary choice for the main skill due to its ease of sustain, excellent area of effect, and responsive channeling mechanics.

As the league starter, gearing for this build is remarkably cost-effective, with most items being self-found. Even in the showcased video with maxed-out gear, a 5-linked main skill is employed, emphasizing the accessibility of the build. Cyclone remains the primary skill, benefiting from impale mechanics, which effectively double the damage with the right investments.

The build incorporates several new auras, such as Flesh and Stone and Blood and Sand, providing flexibility in choosing between single-target support and clearing support. Ancestral Warchief is utilized for buffs rather than linked up for additional damage due to socket constraints. Introducing a new skill, Berserk, adds a dynamic element, consuming rage to grant a powerful buff, including increased damage, area speed, and damage reduction.

Defensively, the build employs fortify, various flasks like basalt and granite for physical mitigation, and a reworked Molten Shell for absorbing incoming damage based on armor values. The playstyle revolves around the fluid and enjoyable experience characteristic of cyclone builds.

The Ascendancy choices focus on maximizing damage for this Berserker build, with Aspect of Carnage providing a substantial damage boost at the cost of increased damage taken. Crave the Slaughter serves as the rage generator, contributing to increased attack damage, attack speed, and movement speed. Rite of Ruin triples the rage bonuses, offering significant damage scaling and stun immunity.

For Pantheon choices, Soul of Lunaris is selected for additional physical mitigation and movement speed, while Soul of Arakaali helps reduce damage taken by Blood Rage and other physical degenerations.

The gem links include the main cyclone skill, supported by various defensive and offensive setups. Notably, the use of a -mana cost ring eliminates the need for mana sustains, making cyclone usage more flexible.

Gearing advice covers both rare and unique items, emphasizing life, resistance, and damage. Weapon choices include options like Terminus Est or a crafted rare Elder Exquisite Blade for enhanced damage.

Flask choices include Basalt, Lion's Roar, Quicksilver, Diamond, and a basic life flask with specific prefixes for optimal usage.

The guide concludes with a reflection on the build's effectiveness, acknowledging its simplicity as a league starter while providing a quick and easy leveling experience. The overall rating is positive, emphasizing the build's damage and versatility for the investment made.

In closing, this guide serves as a comprehensive walkthrough for a successful league start with a critical strike-based impale Berserker. 

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