Path of Exile (PoE) 3.23 Passive Skill Tree Tier List - Best Marauder Passive Skills

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In Path of Exile, as players progress through levels or accomplish specific milestones, they accrue skill points that can be invested in the expansive passive skill tree. What distinguishes Path of Exile's passive skill tree is its universality across all character classes. Although each class begins in a distinct location on the tree, corresponding to their primary strengths, players possess the freedom to traverse the tree according to their preferences. This grants characters the flexibility to either bolster their core capabilities or explore distant branches to acquire unconventional skills not typically associated with their class. If you're seeking the top PoE 3.23 passive skills for the Marauder, read on!

PoE 3.23 Passive Tree Ranking

S Tier:

Soul of Steel


Blade Master


Born to Fight

Call to Arms


Heart of the Warrior



Prismatic Skin


A Tier:



Lava Lash


B Tier:

Unwavering Stance

Resolute Technique

Kinetic Impacts

Invigorating Blaze


Aggressive Bastion

Deep Bastion

Deep Breaths


Warrior’s Blood

C Tier:

Tribal Fury

Natural Authority

Martial Experience

Magmatic Strikes

Savage Wounds


Harvester of Foes

Skull Cracking


Lust for Carnage


Strong Arm


Eagle Eye

Razor’s Edge

Blacksmith’s Clout

Bone Breaker


D Tier:

Blood Magic


Cannibalistic Rite


Concussive Force

Diamond Skin




Imbalanced Guard

Settling Ash

Spiked Bulwark


Utmost Might

Warrior Training

PoE 3.23 Passive Skill Tree Tips & Tricks

Utilize the search function to locate passive bonuses related to specific damage types or defenses, streamlining your search for desired nodes.

Employ zooming in and out features to navigate the expansive tree more effectively, allowing you to concentrate on your current area while maintaining an understanding of your overall strategy.

Exercise caution when considering "dangerous" keystones such as Chaos Innoculation, Blood Magic, and Lethe Shade, as they can drastically alter your character's mechanics and effectiveness if not properly planned for. Only opt for these with clear reasoning or guidance from a reliable build.

The tree is divided into regions based on attributes, delineating damage and defense types—red for strength/melee/armor, green for dexterity/ranged/evasion, and blue for intelligence/spells/energy shield—providing a simplified overview of your character's development.

While it's possible to reallocate points later using Orbs of Regret, these come at a cost of in-game currency. Following a build guide can help minimize wasted points, reducing the need for respecs.

Notable passive skills located at the ends of clusters unlock mastery bonuses in the middle. As masteries are shared across the tree, these bonuses can be allocated anywhere the mastery is taken.

Jewel sockets enable the insertion of jewels for additional bonuses once the socket node is activated.

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