Ravendawn Online: The Witchcraft Class Build Strategies

Feb-19-2024 | Categories: Ravendawn Tag: Ravendawn Silver, Ravendawn Silver for sale

What's up, guys! Talking about the Status Build in the incredible world of Ravendawn Online. Today, I will address the different paths to building the character, highlighting damage maximization, a hybrid build and also addressing situational moments. It's worth remembering that these are just suggestions that worked for me, so experiment and adjust according to your playing style.

Damage Maximization:

Before we get into specific builds, it is essential to understand the importance of the main attributes: Vitality, Intelligence and Wisdom. Vitality increases Max HP, Intelligence is crucial for magic damage, and Wisdom contributes to healing and mana regeneration.

In the damage-maximizing build, we will mainly focus on Intelligence. The idea is to cause as much damage as possible. At level 20, distribute the points aiming for a balance between attributes, with a greater emphasis on Intelligence. This base will provide good support for your main Skills.

When distributing points, follow the pattern of four points in Intelligence, one in Vitality and one in Wisdom. Remember that the game's attribute system works on even numbers, so stick to that logic as you advance. This will guarantee a gradual increase in your defenses and support, as well as considerable Life Regeneration.

Healing Power and Spell Power:

Do not neglect the importance of Healing Power, which will contribute to your healing capacity. Spell Power, related to Intelligence, is crucial to maximizing your magic damage. Remember that even though it's a damage build, balance is key.

Mana Regeneration:

Don't worry too much about mana regeneration at this stage of the game, as your Skills won't be as demanding yet. Adjust as needed, but remember that with progress and better equipment, this will improve.

Hybrid Build:

If you're looking for a balance between attack and defense, the hybrid build is the right choice. At level 20, redistribute your points, putting 10 in Vitality, 10 in Wisdom and the rest in Intelligence. This spread will provide a modest boost to defenses without significantly compromising magic damage.

By following this basis, you will guarantee a reasonable Spell Power and gain an increase in defensive attributes. Life Regeneration will be more effective, providing greater durability during combat.

Pairing and Redistribution System:

Remember the pair system when distributing your points, keeping the logic of four points in Intelligence, one in Vitality, and one in Wisdom. If you feel the need for adjustments, take advantage of the redistribution function available in the game. It is essential to adapt your build according to your experience and playing style.

About Dexterity:

You may wonder about the lack of dexterity in the builds. In the context of Ravendawn Online and the Witchcraft class, dexterity is not that crucial, as the main Skills do not rely significantly on Rage. The synergy between the class's Skills is more efficient without the need to invest in dexterity.

Final considerations:

Regardless of the build you choose, it is crucial to understand the game mechanics and adapt your character build according to your experience and preferences. Additionally Ravendawn Silver, equipment, accessories, and cards play a vital role in maximizing attribute gains.

I hope these suggestions have been helpful as you explore the world of Ravendawn Online. The Witchcraft class offers a unique and versatile experience, so have fun experimenting with different builds and adjusting as needed.