RuneScape chat filter improvements

Jul-05-2020 | Categories: runescape

We have now added a difficult extra filter to some spiteful words and phrases for our chat filter. When used, these words are censored regardless of the blasphemy filter setting - they by no means have a place in Glenor. Here at Jagex, we are committed to making our games safe and welcoming spaces. Sometimes this means showing our support on social media and fundraising, as we did on June 5 with our statement on the Black Life Movement.

But commitment to diversity and inclusion also means looking at the internal systems that make it difficult for marginalized players to enjoy our games. While our statement and donation to charities has been welcomed, many of you rightly hold us accountable for not doing enough to address the racism and toxicity people still face in the game.

As part of our commitment to making Gielinor a comprehensive and representative place, we're making some changes to the game's profanity filter. In February 2011, we introduced the option to disable the chat filter that has been around for ten years. We did this because some players, as an automatic candidate, believed that this hinders a normal conversation. We had hoped that this option would allow players to express themselves more freely, but unfortunately inappropriate inappropriate language and behavior, despite being against the rules, persisted.

First of all, we filter out some spiteful words and sentences. This means that some words are censored regardless of whether the blasphemy filter is turned off. Forbidden words and phrases do not belong in Gelinor and there is no time or place to say it. We know the filter isn't perfect and we know it won't fix the toxicity within our community, but it's a good start. We'll keep an eye on your reports and notes and share more about the additional actions we plan to take in the future.

We look forward to implementing these changes in the near future. Look for news on our site or social channels. In addition, we want to encourage everyone to take advantage of in-game moderation tools - "abuse reporting" and "ignore list". For more information on both, please refer to the player support guides.

Ultimately, we just ask that we respect each other in the game. Gielinor to all of us.