Runescape players set their goals for the game

The most dedicated players continue to participate in ultra-hard raids to earn loot. So, an Old School Runescape (OSRS) player decides that this is not his game of toy soldiers and sets himself a frankly strange task. So thought a player named Devious. A RuneScape Gold like this needs a more difficult challenge.

Devious has made it their mission to exhaust not one, not two, not even three of the four different Ironman options, including the aptly named Hardcore and Ultimate Ironman modes, which are basically the same because all the useful gameplay features are isolated. Ultimate Ironman accounts can't even use the casino, they have to carry everything around, and hardcore Ironmans lose their status when they die.

Each of these Ironman characters takes hundreds of hours to train a particular skill and thousands of hours to peak.

Devious has a long history with RuneScape, having played the game since childhood, but the release of Ironman mode in 2014 set him back. “Although it has a lot of 99s in it, I have never topped my RS3 count. I saw this in rsgoldfast and when OSRS came out it was very difficult for me to improve it. I was in the top 10 blacksmithing skills when the game came out at 99 on the top 200 or so Slayer. I also made some of the first Dragonfire shields that came into the game, which was cool because my blacksmithing skills were really high. But not at all like when Ironman came out.

Devious played the mode a lot and after getting his first account, Ironman decided to stick with the Hardcore and Ultimate modes. At the time, he was playing against another player to a maximum of three, and Devius almost lost that match. When he added the Ironman band option, he chose four packs.

As you might expect, the first fully loaded Iron Man was the most difficult, or at least took the longest, despite technically being the easiest option. As seen in rsgoldfast, players are still getting to grips with the mode, and the strategies Devious will use later on have yet to be discovered or are missing from the game.

“For example, to get 99 runes, you need to kill about 10,000 Zulra bosses to get 1 million pure essences, and then use those essences to create 99 lava runes,” Devius said. “Compared to what we have now, this alone is crazy; You can make rune-making mini-games." The Ultimate Ironman Herblore ability is obviously the most difficult of all, as it requires collecting a lot of rare items in certain combinations, and the character's bag is very large.

Buy OSRS Gold was introduced to me by a friend around 2005, so it was the first MMO I ever played. When Oldschool came out, I felt a bit nostalgic at first,” Devious says, “but I raced the leaderboards in different games, so naturally I realized that since I had experience with it since I was a kid, I might as well try to do something about it.