​The Best AFK Skilling Methods in Old School RuneScape

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As the average age of the Old School RuneScape player base continues to increase, many players find themselves with less time to dedicate to the game. This has led to a surge in the popularity of AFK (Away From Keyboard) skilling methods. AFK skilling refers to methods that allow players to have longer intervals between inputs, enabling them to step away from the game and attend to other tasks. In this article, we will explore some of the best AFK skilling methods for each skill in Old School RuneScape. (Best Place To Buy OSRS Gold, So Easy And Fast On RSgoldFast Store.)


When it comes to combat skills, Slayer is the clear winner for AFK training. However, if you don't have an AFK Slayer task, killing crabs on Fossil Island can be an excellent alternative. By equipping your best DPS gear and using auto-retaliate, you can engage in combat with crabs for an extended period of time. Ammonite crabs on Fossil Island offer slightly less competition than sand crabs, making them a favorable choice.

For AFK Magic training, splashing is the way to go. By having a negative magic bonus of -64 or higher, you can put your character on auto-retaliate and target a low-level monster that will never damage you. This method allows you to gain Magic experience without actively participating in combat. Another alternative is splashing on Kraken during a Kraken Slayer task, which offers higher experience rates.


To train Prayer in an AFK manner, head to World 330 in Remington. Players advertise their houses for hosting bone-burying sessions. Join one of these houses, use your bones on the altar, and then wait for about a minute before collecting more bones outside. This method allows you to train Prayer without requiring constant attention.


For AFK Runecrafting, the ZMI altar in Zanaris is highly recommended. You can access it by using the fairy ring with the code CIS or by teleporting with the Arceuus spellbook. Gather a full inventory of essence and then convert them into runes while running to the altar. This method provides both AFK and efficient experience gains.


While there is no true AFK method for Agility, Barbarian Fishing offers the most relaxed experience. Although it doesn't provide significant Agility experience, you can leave your character fishing while you take a break. This method allows you to train Agility without constant input.


The classic AFK method for Herblore involves adding 14 secondary ingredients to 14 unfinished potions. However, using stamina potions allows you to put 27 of them in your inventory, doubling your AFK time. This method is particularly useful for Ironman accounts.


Thieving doesn't have many AFK options, but one-click summer squires in the Sorcerer's Garden provide a relatively relaxed experience. This method requires a guide to fully understand, so it is recommended to search for a video tutorial to get the most out of it.


Crafting is primarily a bank-standing skill, and the more AFK it is, the less experience you'll gain. Glassblowing is a great AFK method, although it doesn't provide significant experience. By double-clicking the glassblowing pipe, you can craft a full inventory of glass items with minimal effort.


For an AFK Fletching method, cutting logs into longbows offers a decent balance between experience and relaxation. Although other methods provide higher experience rates, cutting longbows allows you to relax and enjoy a more casual experience, especially when playing on mobile devices.


Woodcutting is another skill that offers some AFK options. While there are various trees you can chop for experience, one method stands out for its AFKability—the redwood trees. Located in the Woodcutting Guild, these majestic trees provide excellent experience rates while allowing you to remain relatively idle. Simply click on a redwood tree, sit back, and watch as your character chops away.

If you haven't reached the required Woodcutting level of 90 for redwoods, the next best option would be blister wood trees. These trees, found in the Haunted Woods, are a great alternative. They provide a decent experience and can be chopped with lower Woodcutting levels. While they may not be as AFK as redwoods, they still offer a relatively relaxed training experience.


Now let's move on to the skill of fishing. Fishing has always been regarded as one of the most AFKable skills in Old School RuneScape. Whether you're fishing for relaxation or looking to gain experience, there are several methods to suit your needs. If you're aiming for maximum AFK time, then AFK fishing spots, such as the various fishing platforms, are your best bet.

However, if you're seeking both decent experience rates and some profit, then I recommend trying out the Barbarian Fishing method. This involves using a heavy fishing rod and fishing bait to catch fish, such as leaping trout, salmon, and sturgeon. Not only does this method provide respectable experience rates, but it also offers a chance to obtain the highly sought-after barbarian rod, which unlocks additional fishing abilities.


Cooking, much like fishing, has its fair share of AFK options. While some players prefer the more intensive methods for a faster experience, if you're looking to relax and still gain decent cooking experience, the traditional cooking method is your go-to choice. Simply light a fire or find a range, click on your raw food, and let your character cook through the entire inventory.


Finally, we have firemaking, a skill that isn't particularly known for its AFK options. However, if you're looking for a relaxed firemaking experience, you can opt for burning logs on a bonfire. While it may not offer the best experience rates, it allows you to enjoy the process without constant clicking. Plus, bonfires provide a social element, as you can gather around with other players, chat, and enjoy the warmth of the fire.

In conclusion, while the average age of the Old School RuneScape player base continues to increase and players find themselves with less time to devote to the game, AFK skilling has become increasingly popular. The methods mentioned in this article offer a range of AFK options for various skills, allowing you to continue progressing in the game even with limited playtime. Whether you're training combat, gathering resources, or honing your crafting skills, there's an AFK method available for you. So sit back, relax, and let your character do the work while you tend to other tasks or simply take a break from the game.

Thank you for reading, and may your AFK skilling sessions be fruitful!