The Double Corner Routes in Madden 24

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Madden 24 is known for its dynamic gameplay and strategic approaches to scoring touchdowns. One of the most effective ways to attack the sideline and gain significant yardage is by utilizing the double corner routes. In this article, we will explore different variations and strategies to run double corner routes successfully in Madden 24.

Understanding Double Corner Routes:

Double corner routes involve running two receivers on corner routes simultaneously, creating a high-low read for the quarterback. The primary purpose is to clear out the deep zones and create opportunities for open receivers along the sideline. By running the corner routes to the wide side of the field, players can take advantage of the larger space and exploit the defense.

The Basic Setup:

To execute the double corner routes effectively, it is recommended to use formations that have tight offset tight end or bunch tight end. These formations provide specific routes that make running double corner routes easier. The New York Jets playbook is an excellent choice due to its tight offset tight end and bunch tight end formations.

Running Double Corner Routes from Tight Offset Tight End:

In the tight offset tight end formation, the play "Pa seams" is a suitable choice to build the double corner route concept. By running a deep corner route from one receiver and placing another receiver with a different depth next to him, players can clear out the deep zones and attack the sideline efficiently. This combination creates a high-low read for the quarterback, making it challenging for the defense to defend both routes effectively.

Running Double Corner Routes from Bunch Tight End:

In the bunch tight end formation, the play "Triple Out" provides the opportunity to incorporate double corner routes. By setting up the corner route on one side and utilizing a C-route or other route combinations on the other, players can create multiple options to attack different depths along the sideline. It is crucial to adjust the depth of the corner route to ensure it breaks faster and allows for better separation from defenders.

Expanding the Strategy:

Players can experiment with different variations and route combinations to keep the defense guessing. For example, motioning a receiver out and putting him on a go route can create a different look and catch the defense off guard. This variation is useful when opponents expect a corner route from a motioned receiver. Additionally, players can explore triple corner routes by motioning a receiver across and setting up three different depths of corner routes. While this may be considered overkill, it provides options to attack various depths along the sideline.

Utilizing Route Combinations:

In both formations, players can incorporate additional routes to complement the double corner routes. For instance, pairing the corner routes with a C-route or a zig route can create opportunities for receivers to find open spaces in the middle of the field. Adding a streak route to a tight end or a running back can help clear out deep zones and provide extra time for the quarterback to make a decision. These route combinations add complexity to the play and make it even more challenging for the defense to defend against.

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