The NBA team will continue throughout the NBA 2K20 Series

Mar-18-2020 | Categories: NBA 2K

Announcing the suspension of the NBA season this year after Rudi Goubert of the Utah Jazz Center turned out to be positive for the coronary virus, he decided to make a significant contribution to raising public awareness of the virus's ability to disrupt public affairs. After a few days of what could be a long gap in the NBA, players and team workers across the league will find different ways to make the most of their time out of the league. Meanwhile, the Phoenix Suns are giving NBA fans a new shutdown, and NBA basketball is not being watched as they switch: NBA 2K-sponsored matches.

The Suns mainly emulate the games they would have played during the regular season on NBA 2K20. The start of their virtual season was a match between them and the Dallas Mavericks, who were set to play for the Suns to play IRL on March 14. The video game was released the night before.

The professional broadcaster and NBA 2K League UniversalPhenom were responsible for opening the virtual match with the Suns. UniversalPhenom plays professionally with Memphis Grizzlies 2K League team Grizz Gaming. However, his avatar on Twitter was updated with a photo of him in a Phoenix Suns shirt to reflect the loyalty of the new team. Meanwhile, Mavericks Gaming Lawrence "Buddy" Norman's Ambassador ruled over the Mavericks digital team.

The Mavericks finally won what could be considered the first virtual NBA game. Lucas Donzic, the best player and candidate in the English Premier League, finished the game with just 50 points and 19 assists. The final score was 150-136. Sun's digital team is set to play the next Minnesota Timberwolves, which their real colleagues would have played on March 18.

All in all, 126,000 individual viewers have followed the Twitch match stream, although the maximum is 12,000. Although this shows that watching the entire NBA 2K game is not far from the real alternative, there seems to be a demand for the Twitch-based alternative in the absence of an organized league game . The Suns will broadcast upcoming games on Twitch. 

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