The Path of Exile: 5 reasons why Delirium League is great

Apr-09-2020 | Categories: path of exile

The latest release of Delirium from Path of Exile contains a lot of content for RPG fans and it has its pluses. The latest release of Delirium from Path of Exile contains a lot of content for chewing RPG fans. Whether you hit powerful cards with raging fog in this competition or build Cluster Jewel jewels for your construction, this competition has something for every type of player.

While the league mechanic is a great addition to the game itself, this league has a lot of problems. Fans have complained about the league's focus on the earthly consequences of killing players, and many say the game's technical performance is on the back burner. From block jewels to new enemies, here are 5 awesome powers(or Some of them are issues).

New gems

Each new competition in Path of Exile introduces new skill and support stones that players can use. While most leagues focus on a central theme of their new jewels, Delirium League has chosen to add more experimental options. Blade Blast is one of the highlights of this competition, as it blasts tons of blades from other skills to deal massive damage in a temperate zone. Spell Garland is also a great support jewel that has unlocked dozens of new types of stick structures. Both Skill Gems and Supportments added that this competition was used wonderfully.

Strange Voice

The Rave League introduced Strange Voice, a mysterious character who constantly mocks the player and reminds him of his inevitable death. Instead of having a few barking noises and naming him one day, Grinding Gear Games performed them as a support character during the campaign and commented on the player's actions and story events. Much criticism of our character's actions during the campaign is expressed through the odd voice, while dropping traditions offers the less knowledgeable players in Path of Exile's extended drama.

Quality of life changes

Many requests from the community for changes in quality of life have been implemented in this competition. Players now have their hidden organization from the parent league in temporary leagues, and Alpha has received a major overhaul. The Azuatel Temple has undergone the biggest change, with each room now offering more meaningful rates for the map itself. More confusing rooms have been tweaked to be worthwhile now too. Undoubtedly, the best change this league has ever seen is to include the main task selection in the map device list so that you can select a master to include on your map instead of talking to them in your hideout.


While the first week of the competition was incredibly difficult, the Path of Exile developers reduced the more overrated mechanics to keep this competition in the league, but it was difficult. The rates introduced in this competition make most levels a real test of your device's skill and effectiveness. Hatch hordes of nightmares with stronger monsters to reward the best players who can defeat as many enemies as possible. If players find that the competition is still very easy, they can place Delirium Orbs on their cards to have a lasting delirium effect on their card. These cards are one of Path of Exile's most difficult missions and give each player something they want to complete.

Cluster jewelry

If anything needs to be added to the main game after this League is over, it should be Cluster Jewels. With these special elements, players can form their own little skill trees with the negatives they can make. Block jewelry tends to diminish enough in enthusiastic encounters that most players can try. Hundreds of distinguished characters are also exclusive to this system, some of which break the game when combined with other mechanics. It is also easy to create jewelry to suit your construction, allowing even the most casual players to come out of this system. This type of item turns the passive boom completely upside down and should remain in play when the competition is over.