TOTY Honorable Mention: A Quick Guide to Acquisition in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

Jan-29-2024 | Categories: FC 24 Tag: FC 24 Coins, buy EA FC 24 Coins, MMOexp

EA FC 24 has unveiled the latest addition to the "Team of the Year" campaign with the release of the Luka Modric TOTY Honorable Mention SBC, offering fans the opportunity to incorporate this exceptional center midfielder into their Ultimate Team lineup. Here's a comprehensive guide on acquiring this coveted card and what it brings to the table.

Despite EA Sports initially nominating a pool of around 100 players for the prestigious TOTY category, only 24 ultimately secured a spot in the starting lineup following a public vote determining the top 12 Men’s and Women’s Best XI. However, players who didn't make the final cut aren't forgotten, as they receive TOTY Honorable Mention cards, showcasing enhanced in-game attributes. Real Madrid's iconic midfielder, Luka Modric, is the latest player to receive this recognition.

Luka Modric's default Ultimate Team card stands at an impressive 87 rating, already a valuable asset in the game. However, he boasts even better special editions, including the 88-rated Team of the Week (TOTW) and the 93-rated Road to the Knockout versions. The most recent addition to his collection is the 93-rated TOTY Honorable Mention card, featuring notable attributes such as 94 Passing and 93 Dribbling, making it highly sought after by players.

To acquire the Luka Modric TOTY Honorable Mention card in Ultimate Team, players must complete a series of Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). These challenges require assembling five starting lineups, each with specific criteria to meet. For instance, one lineup necessitates the inclusion of at least one Real Madrid player with a team rating surpassing 86. Similarly, other lineups demand the presence of LaLiga players, Team of the Week players, and higher team ratings, varying in requirements and difficulty.

Building the required squads to complete these challenges comes at a cost, with estimated expenses totaling around 991,000 EA FC 24 coins on the Transfer Market. However, players can mitigate expenses by utilizing untradeable and fodder cards from their collections. Additionally, participating in Ultimate Team matches offers opportunities to earn FC 24 coins and additional cards, aiding in the completion of the SBCs.

Fans must act promptly to secure the 93-rated Luka Modric TOTY Honorable Mention card for their Ultimate Team, as these cards are not available through card packs or on the Transfer Market. With its exceptional attributes and rarity, acquiring this card can significantly enhance one's team performance and roster versatility.

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