Unleashing the Ethical Dilemma: An Extravagant Path of Exile Spectral Throw Build Guide

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Greetings, fellow Exiles! Path of Exile is a dynamic game, and changes between patches can alter item mechanics, skill selections, or even the build's overall effectiveness. Now, let's delve into the details of this extravagant build.

The last build was a bit pricey, but this one takes it to a whole new level. After experimenting with various builds, accumulating currency, and weighing my options, We decided to go all-in on a Spectral Throw build that revolves around the new Savior sword. The Savior is no ordinary sword; it triggers a level 20 reflection minion upon landing a critical strike. This reflection mimics your gear and benefits from flask buffs, essentially doubling your damage potential. Intrigued by this concept, We opted for a pure physical Spectral Throw build using impales to further boost damage.

Choosing the Champion class was a no-brainer, maximizing the potential of impales and offering essential defensive benefits. With an investment of over 90 exalts, this build annihilates bosses, making it pricier than any guide I've shared before. However, We believe many players will find inspiration, curiosity, or sheer fascination in exploring this high-budget build.

Let's break down the mechanics of this powerhouse. Spectral Throw takes center stage as our primary skill, unleashing a barrage of projectiles on enemies. We focus on pure physical damage, impales, and critical strikes. Auras like Pride, Flesh and Stone, Precision, and Dread Banner amplify our damage. Herald of Purity gets a significant boost through a Circle of Guilt with damage modifiers and an Empower gem.

Defensively, we ensure blind with a paradoxical weapon, maintain fortify through the Champion ascendancy, and convert evasion to armor with Iron Reflexes. Layering Soul of Steel and Sand Stance further fortifies our defenses, making us more than just a glass cannon.

The passive tree prioritizes impale, critical strike, and life nodes. Point-Blank enhances the initial damage of Spectral Throw, while Iron Reflexes converts evasion to armor. Iron Grip transforms melee strength into projectile scaling, synergizing with Spectral Throw.

Master of Metal, a crucial Champion node, not only increases impale stacks but also provides substantial physical damage. Unstoppable Hero grants stun immunity, armor, and attack speed, fortifying our defenses.

The final passive tree emphasizes key keystones, with notable choices like Point-Blank, Iron Reflexes, and Iron Grip. Additional layers of defense come from stacking impale, critical strike, and life nodes. The chosen ascendancy, Champion, excels in scaling impale damage while providing defensive and utility perks.

Gear-wise, be prepared for a substantial investment. Starting with a simple budget and upgrading over time is feasible, but the showcased gear is a result of a significant commitment. Notable items include a crafted helmet with damage modifiers, a chest with reduced mana cost, and synthesized Herald rings. Unique gloves with powerful corrupted implicit mods, boots with Tailwind, and a well-crafted belt contribute to the build's prowess.

Weapons play a pivotal role, with Paradoxical and Savior swords delivering substantial damage. The key is to get a Paradoxical with increased physical damage, blind-on-hit, and attack speed. The Savior sword introduces the game-changing reflections, making it an integral part of the build.

Flask choices are vital, enhancing both clear speed and single-target damage. A Dying Sun boosts projectiles, Cinder Swallow provides sustained speed, and Bottled Faith adds burst damage. A Diamond Flask and Life Flask round out the setup, with adjustments for specific encounters like Cyrus or cursed maps.

For Jewels, three unique ones stand out. A Tempered Flesh near the Marauder grants a significant critical strike multiplier. A Lethal Pride beneath the Duelist offers valuable stats, including the chance to deal double damage and life regeneration. Finally, a Watcher's Eye with impale effects while using Pride provides a substantial damage boost.

In conclusion, this build is an extravagant display of power, utilizing significant investment to create an unstoppable force in Path of Exile. It's not for the faint of heart or light of pocket, but for those seeking the pinnacle of damage and spectacle, this build delivers. I hope you enjoy the journey of crafting this exceptional character. Until next time, Exiles!

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