Unlocking and Using the Horse Mount in Diablo 4

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Diablo IV, renowned for its immersive open-world experience, introduces horse mounts as noble companions for your journey through demon-infested lands. In this guide, we'll unveil the steps to unlock and maximize the potential of these majestic steeds.

1. Unlocking the Horse Mount:

To begin your equestrian adventure, you must complete the "Mount: Donan's Favor" quest. This quest becomes available in Act IV: A Gathering Storm, meaning you'll need to progress through the game's storyline until you reach the desert biome. Once unlocked for one character, the mount becomes accessible for all your characters, offering a seamless experience across your adventures.

2. Customizing Your Horse:

Upon unlocking the mount, visit Oskar, the stable master, located north of Kyovashad. Oskar presents a range of horses, including special editions like the Temptation Mount for Deluxe edition owners. Additionally, you can customize your horse with various saddles and armor, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Note that these customizations are cosmetic and do not affect your horse's performance.

3. Utilizing the Horse Mount:

To mount your horse, press the Z key on your keyboard or the corresponding button on your controller. Your horse grants access to unique abilities, such as the Evade skill for swift traversal and escaping foes. Each class in Diablo IV also possesses a distinct mount skill, empowering you to dismount strategically during combat for devastating attacks.

4. Maintaining Your Horse:

While mounted, monitor your horse's emotional state indicated by a bar above its avatar. Exposure to enemies increases this bar, potentially causing your horse to abandon you temporarily. To avoid this, dismount when your horse shows signs of distress, preventing a lengthy cooldown before summoning it again.

5. Customization Options:

You can acquire cosmetic items for your horse through in-game gold, found in chests, from rare enemies, or world bosses. Alternatively, engage in PvP activities near the Fields of Hatred to earn Red Dust, a resource used exclusively for unique horse customizations from select Stable Masters.

6. Additional Tips:

Explore the Diablo 4 store and seasonal battle pass for more customization options.

Utilize your horse's bursts of speed for efficient traversal and tactical advantages.

Remember to dismount during combat for optimal performance and control.

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