Unlocking Bonus XP in FC 24 Ultimate Team

Apr-24-2024 | Categories: FC 24 Tag: FC 24 Coins, cheap EA FC 24 Coins, MMOexp

As Season 5 of Ultimate Team nears its conclusion, EA is introducing a new way for players to boost their progress. If you're still working towards completing Season 5 objectives in FC 24 Ultimate Team, this bonus XP offer is designed just for you.

Team of the Season excitement has gripped FC 24 Ultimate Team, prompting fans to dive into packs, engage in matches, and tackle SBCs, all in pursuit of coveted blue cards. Now, EA is stepping up the rewards game.

Here's how you can earn bonus XP over the next two days, accelerating your journey towards completing Season 5: FC Pro in Ultimate Team!

Bonus XP Unleashed

For the next 48 hours, FC 24 players are in for a treat with the introduction of bonus XP across Squad Battles, Rivals, and Champions modes.

As Season 5: FC Pro draws to a close, EA is giving players who haven't quite wrapped up their objectives a golden opportunity to maximize their rewards.

The bonus XP window kicks off on April 23 at 7 am UTC and lasts until April 25 at 6:59 am UTC, giving you ample time to rack up extra XP. In these game modes, each completed match earns you 50 XP. That means it takes just 20 matches to notch up 1000 XP.

For those teetering on the brink of Season 5 completion, the final rewards are tantalizing. Picture yourself with an 85+ x7 pack and an 84+ x20 Rare Gold Players Pack, both redeemable through levels 38 and 39. These rewards significantly boost your chances of scoring a coveted TOTS item!

EA's initiative is a game-changer, providing a crucial push for many players to reach the ultimate level of Season 5: FC Pro before it concludes. Take advantage of this bonus XP offer and make your mark in FC 24 Ultimate Team!

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