Unlocking The Pit in Diablo 4

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The Pit stands as a crucial endgame challenge in Diablo 4, offering opportunities to fine-tune your character and acquire top-tier loot. Delving into its depths requires a strategic approach, as it's not readily apparent within the game world. Here's your guide on how to access The Pit in Diablo 4 and what to expect once you enter its treacherous halls.

Accessing The Pit:

To gain entry to The Pit, adventurers must first reach World Tier 4 and locate the elusive Artificer’s Obelisk. This mystical artifact can be found nestled within the bustling town of Cerrigar, situated in the heart of Scosglen. Near the town's Waypoint, venture slightly upward and left to uncover this hidden gem.

Upon discovering the Artificer’s Obelisk, you'll need to expend a valuable resource known as a Runeshard. These shards serve as the key to unlock the portal leading into The Pit, where formidable challenges and lucrative rewards await. Runeshards can be obtained as rewards from various events, including The Helltide, Legion Events, Nightmare Dungeons, and Tree of Whispers endeavors.

Understanding The Pit's Mechanics:

Once inside The Pit, adventurers are thrust into a high-stakes environment where speed and precision reign supreme. This timed dungeon demands swift elimination of foes to fill a designated meter before the timer expires. Achieving this objective transports you to the lair of the ultimate adversary – The Guardian's Lair.

It's worth noting that death comes with a penalty in The Pit, deducting precious seconds from your allotted time. Therefore, it's imperative to assemble a formidable build capable of swiftly dispatching both mobs and bosses alike. Additionally, The Pit scales in difficulty, starting at level 100 and escalating to match the formidable challenges found within Nightmare Dungeons' late stages.

Rewards of Conquering The Pit:

Victory in The Pit yields a bounty of Masterworking materials, essential for enhancing the power of your arsenal. These coveted resources include Obducite, Ingolith, and Neathiron, instrumental in fortifying your weapons through the services of the Blacksmith.

Furthermore, upon completing The Pit for the first time, you unlock the coveted art of Masterworking. This invaluable skill enables you to refine the affixes of Ancestral Legendary and Unique items, elevating their potency to unprecedented heights. Additionally, Masterworking grants the ability to reset the rolls of Tempered items, affording you another opportunity to secure desired affixes for your weapons.


As you venture through the myriad challenges of Diablo 4, The Pit stands as a crucible of trials and rewards, beckoning brave adventurers to test their mettle. Unlocking this hidden sanctuary requires diligence and perseverance, but the spoils of victory are well worth the effort. So, when the time comes to hone your builds and seek the finest treasures Sanctuary has to offer, dare to descend into The Pit and emerge victorious.

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