Unlocking the Secrets of Efficient Rune Farming in Elden Ring

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In Elden Ring, your journey is propelled by a combination of luck, skill, and the precious resource known as runes. These runes serve as both currency and experience points, essential for acquiring items and enhancing your character's abilities. While runes can be obtained through defeating enemies, conquering bosses, and trading items, there are two specific methods to rapidly farm them for swift progression.

Method 1: Early Game Rune Harvesting - 50,000 Runes in 15 Minutes

Begin your rune gathering venture by venturing to the Third Church of Marika, marked on the map. If you haven't discovered the Site of Grace there yet, travel to Agheel Lake North, where Torrent was bestowed upon you by Melina. Follow the path until you reach the Church, bypassing the formidable giant stationed nearby. Upon activating the Site of Grace inside the Church, venture to the back where a transporter awaits near a small cove.

Upon traversing through the transportation portal, you'll arrive at the Bestial Sanctum within Dragonbarrow. Here, Gurranq, a creature rewarding Deathroots, resides (a topic for another guide). However, our focus lies outside.

Surveying the fields, you'll spot a massive dragon knight, the Black Blade Kindred, guarding the Sanctum. Avoid confrontation with this boss. Instead, move to the left side of the steps and leap into the field. These fields house diminutive, statue-like warriors—the prime targets for your rune farming endeavor.

These enemies are relatively manageable to defeat, especially with their susceptibility to staggering. Sneak behind them for critical hits or engage them directly, yielding over 1,000 runes per kill. Stick to the left side of the balcony for solo encounters or challenge the right side's groupings if you're up for a more demanding fight. Repeat this process by respawning enemies at the Site of Grace within the Bestium Sanctum to amass runes rapidly.

Method 2: End Game Rune Accumulation - 1 Million Runes in 10 Minutes

As your journey progresses and 50,000 runes become insufficient, a more lucrative farming method awaits in the post-game phase. This method, yielding a million runes in just 10 minutes, requires specific preparations.

Optimal results demand the Sacred Relic Sword, obtained by defeating the final boss, and the Golden Scarab talisman for a 20% rune acquisition boost. Navigate to the optional Mohgwyn Palace area via White-Faced Varre's questline or the western side of the Mountaintops of the Giants using the Haligtree Secret Medallion halves.

Upon reaching Mohgwyn Palace and locating the Site of Grace, you'll encounter a group of sleeping ogres and a belligerent bird across the canyon. Aggravate the bird to provoke its fall and subsequent demise, yielding substantial runes effortlessly. Dispatch the ogres swiftly using the Sacred Relic Sword's Wave of Gold special move, accumulating runes rapidly.

Rest at the Site of Grace to respawn enemies, facilitating continuous farming cycles. Even without the final boss weapon, efficient rune gathering is feasible, especially with area-of-effect weapons. Equip the Golden Scarab talisman to boost rune acquisition, ensuring a steady flow of approximately 60,000 runes per run and ultimately amassing a million runes in just 10 minutes.

Dedicate time to these methods, and you'll soon reign as the wealthiest Tarnished in the Lands Between.

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