​Unreal Engine Used In Madden 23

Jul-29-2022 | Categories: Madden 23 Tag: buy Madden Coins, cheap Madden Coins, Mut 23 Coins

I'm sure there are some people around here who have knowledge regarding game engines. Please correct me if not I'm not sure, but did the original Backbreaker game for the 360 make use of an Unreal Engine? It was interesting and got me thinking, how much more attractive or better looking the game Madden be if it was on with the Unreal Engine?

Maximum Football will be back with a 2023 game that will utilize Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine?

It's hard, if not impossible to determine whether Madden will, in all likelihood be better looking or moving with Unreal as opposed to Frostbite as currently, Madden is the best visually for football games currently on gen consoles.

In this regard I'd like to look at the question of the user from a different perspective.

The team that is that is behind Maximum Football 23 had the same resources (manpower as well as talents, financial, and other) as Madden has could Maxium Football 23 be comparable enough to Madden to the point where it is debated which game is better looking or moves more appealing?

I'd suggest the answer is "yes" in light of the results that is the Max Football 23 team was successful in achieving, despite creating the game entirely from scratch and lacking the benefit of building on the already established base of code.

But that's just my perspective based mostly on some intangible factors and certainly not actual knowledge of Unreal or Frostbite and their respective advantages/disadvantages when applied to simulating football.

Based on what modders were capable to create in Madden on PC in the past I'd say that I like to think that this is the case. However, I'm convinced that this "failure" in Madden was due to the desire to please different kinds of players.

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