​Warglaives have always been the coolest weapons in WoW

Jun-13-2022 | Categories: WOW TBC Classic Tag: WOW TBC Classic Gold, buy WOW TBC Gold

How many gold coins did you spend to buy Dual Warglaives? Some people are going to scream at me for this, but let's be honest, how many people who play TBC Classic right now with dual warglaives think they have them in a acceptable way?

GDKP makes people buy gold to boost up their toons. It will not affect botting, boosting, and gold buying as people today are obsessed with gaining recognition and recognition from their peers and showing everyone else that they're superior to them.

Warglaives have always been among the coolest weapon in WoW and even today, they're still among the most stunning weapons, as well as incredible collectors' items.

Now that we're playing TBC again, players are in a frenzy the idea of getting dual warglaives as it makes them feel superior over everyone else.

I think the majority of players who are currently playing and have dual warglaives haven't acquired the weapons fairly and even purchased gold to purchase them from GDKP's at ridiculous costs. Be angry and call me a fool however you want. It's just how people behave today, or I would say, how they have always been for a long time.

As in real life, a significant portion of the wealthy or famous people have never made anything legally, and they used devious schemes and engaged in criminal activities to reach where they are today yet everyone overlooks it, and the media denies it, and everyone accepts it as normal and there is no accountability or punishments are given to them and they are able to continue to live happily ever since.

Ahh , humankind, what horrid creatures, aren't we?

I can't wait for the 'Gearscore''Link Achievement' trend to come back in WotLK Classic and GDKP over the whole. It's going to be the most toxic of all. Wrath was the peak in WoWs popularity and player base, and I am sorry for those looking to play Wrath once more and discover that the game has turned into just a place for gold buyers/sellers RWT, elite minmax-minded players. WoW is pretty much dead as of now. The retail game is nothing more than boosting botting RWT, GDKP, and botting The soul of the game was lost back in cataclysm. Blizzard also started getting heavily involved in the addition of items for sale like pets, mounts, and so on. In order to extract more cash off their dying sport.

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