​What's on the wish list for NBA 2K23 features?

Jun-10-2022 | Categories: NBA 2K23

The NBA 2K forums are filled with a wealth of familiar ideas for improving the series. Moderators easily sort the best ones and send them to publisher 2K for in-game consideration.

Fans were generally happy with the mode on offer, but wanted to see the game adapted as the series found it on PS5 and Xbox Series X. "David Robinson wasn't faster than John Wall," wrote JimboCruntz. “Fix the boxes. There are a lot of chases and not enough bad offensive options.” Also fix the rebound. NBA players tend to react when the ball flies to them."

"Remove the overdrive," he continued. "If players want to be gods at dribbling, they have to learn to dribble, not look for random animations of speed. [Also] watch an NBA game. Players don't miss the opportunity because Kouhi is randomly close to them - he actually has to defend. ” As for shooting, the green area should be bigger or smaller and move according to the game.”

In fact, shot optimization is a common topic when modifying motion on the pitch. "We need more balance between open shots and contentious shots," wrote Irv Gutti. "Right now the open shots are very high and that's fine. But if that's the case, the contested shots need more penalty. Right now the guys are running 3, 25, and 98, those jump speeds are very fast. Can't play games score correctly on this basis. Shooting games need to be stronger to punish the bad ones and play the good ones well. When you make a final patch for NBA 2K22, please correct the perimeter and frame, and add an improvement to the shooting league below. "

While exercising, people were excited to see an added focus on antiques. "I know it's not a big priority, but please show more love to the date!" Kobe Dropped 81 pleaded. "Please recreate the best three or four players from each classic team. Pay people in modern society as needed. The work done on Kobe [Bryant] and Dirk [Novitsky] over the past two years is astonishing. It shows But improvement is possible Why not put the same effort into other legends Most of these guys look exactly the same since NBA 2K16 Why did DeAndre Jordan do Clippers Long in 2014 Stephen Marbury It makes no sense. "

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