​WoW Wrath Classic: Fury Warrior PvE Guide (WotLK)

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Prepare to overwhelm the DPS diagrams as a Fury Warrior in Wrath of the Lich King, this guide has every one of the subtleties you'll require!

Anger Warriors might be the most incredibly fearsome skirmish harm vendors there is in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. They are much of the time seen as top-level as far as the harm diagrams for both Single-Target and Multi-Target experiences. While they may not begin as the most elevated harm vendors, toward the finish of the development they will probably beat out everyone else in any skirmish experience.

In this development you'll see them walking around nonchalantly employing two enormous 2-gave weapons. They don't give a lot of concerning utility well defined for this specialization, however like most DPS Warriors in the event that given a safeguard can in any case be an optional tank for some specialty minutes.

The favored Race for Fury Warriors in WoW WotLK Classic are regularly as follows:

For the Alliance they have 3 great choices: Humans for Mace Specialization and Sword Specialization which lessen the Expertise prerequisites by 3 for each separate weapon. Dwarves for a more grounded Mace Specialization. Furthermore, Draenei for a 1% hit rating from Heroic Presence.

While the Horde gives Orc Fury Warriors the 5 skill reward from Ax Specialization and the assault power buff Blood Fury. In the event that you anticipate not using Axes then Trolls are a commendable decision for the scramble buff Berserking.

Best Talent Build For Fury Warrior


Contingent upon bunch organization and your current detail needs the abilities underneath can be uninhibitedly altered, instances of such changes could be as per the following:

Assuming that your gathering needs Commanding Presence eliminate 2 focuses from Improved Cleave and 3 focuses from Unbridled Wrath. (Featured above in Blue)

On the off chance that your stuff puts you over the Hit Rating Cap eliminate unnecessary focuses from Precision and put them into Enrage or, for greater utility, Piercing Howl. (Featured above in Pink)

Best Fury Warrior Glyphs

Significant Glyphs

Being a vital part of the harm revolution, Glyph of Whirlwind is compulsory. Glyph of Heroic Strike can likewise be utilized for expanded harm. At last, Glyph of Rending can be utilized for Single-Target experiences or Glyph of Cleaving for Multi-Target experiences

Minor Glyphs

Glyph of Bloodrage will give a minor advantage to assist with moderating harm from utilizing Bloodrage. Contingent upon the requirements of your gathering, Glyph of Command or Glyph of Battle can be utilized reciprocally or one could be traded out for Glyph of Charge for somewhat better versatility.

Detail Priority For Fury Warrior

The most significant detail for Fury Warriors is Hit Rating and Strength. It is still likewise important to arrive at specific limits with Expertise and Armor Penetration, yet for the most part, a thing with higher thing level will be a superior piece of stuff because of it having higher details generally.

In the event that you need to focus on one piece of stuff over another, follow this request:

Hit Rating (up to 8% Cap*)


Defensive layer Penetration

Basic Strike Rating

Skill (up to a Cap of 26 Expertise*)


Flurry Rating

Assault Power

Rage Warrior Hit Rating Cap

Ensuring your capacities hit is the main most significant thing. Luckily, it is made more straightforward to get with the ability Precision. With 3 places in this ability just 165 Hit Rating is required. The Draenei detached racial characteristic Heroic Presence additionally gives 1% hit rating, presently requiring just 132 Hit Rating. In later stages it is exceptionally simple to get the limit and eliminating focuses from Precision and into different ones can be helpful.

Anger Warrior Expertise Cap

All skirmish assaults against a level 83 foe have a 6.5% opportunity to evade or repel. Ability decreases the opportunity that an assault will be avoided or parried. Having 26 Expertise (214 ability rating) will beat this element. 1 Expertise rises to 8.2 mastery rating which rises to a 0.25% decrease in evade or repel.

The Human racial attributes Sword Specialization and Mace Specialization as well as the Orc Ax Specialization and Dwarf Mace Specialization lessen how much Expertise required (189 versus 173 aptitude rating, separately).

Ability Rotation For Fury Warrior

Wrath Warriors don't be guaranteed to have a particular revolution to follow, similar as their Arms siblings it comes down to overseeing rage and focusing on abilities.

To begin, keep up with either Battle Shout or Commanding Shout; use whichever the gathering requires more. Inside the need of the abilities underneath, ensure that 5 heaps of Sunder Armor and Demoralizing Shout is additionally kept up with on the essential objective.

For Single-Target experiences follow this need:


Chivalrous Throw


Desire to die

Chivalrous Strike (to utilize overabundance Rage)



Hammer (from a Bloodsurge proc)

Separate Armor


Discouraging Shout

Puncturing Howl

For Multi-Target experiences the main things that change are Whirlwind is a higher need than Bloodthirst, and use Cleave as a trade for Heroic Strike

Consumables For Raids


Cup of Endless Rage

Choices: Elixir of Mighty Strength, Elixir of Protection

Food Buff:

Dragonfin Filet

Choices: Snapper Extreme, Worg Tartare, Rhinolicious Wormsteak


Substitute utilization of Indestructible Potion followed by Potion of Speed in a perfect world, to agree with cooldowns particularly toward the beginning of a battle. They share a 1-minute cooldown, however Indestructible Potion gives a 2-minute buff that, with Armored to the Teeth, gives successfully 97 AP.


Look of Strength VII

Best In Slot Gear, Gems, and Enchants

The best in space, or BiS, gear for both Fury and Arms Warriors are fundamentally something similar, then again, actually Fury has more choices for weapons and that they can double use 2-gave weapons. We've accumulated the best stuff including which jewels to attachment and which charms to apply for each space across the board list.

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