​Best way for a casual player to hit 99

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I've noticed that some people have begun using the term "leecher" about in relation to the Baal/Chaos races. I'm guessing it was picked up due to the streamer race up to 99?

If you're a casual player and want to reach 99, should you join an 8-player Baal/Chaos group and then repeat the 9000or more runs?

If the lobby update is released in the near future, I'm going place my bets where they are and take the chance to play 99.

It's certainly true when it comes to those who must collaborate when it comes time to ladder racing or getting to the level 99.

For everything else I think that having a working lobby is essential. For instance, being capable of starting an entirely new game and find any kind of game, in any form, at regardless of difficulty at any moment can make the game feel more exciting and compelling to play.

Let's say I began an entirely new character today and got to Act 3 nightmare, with an PD2 like lobby. I could login right now, enter "Act 3" and I'd have plenty of games to play with friends and immediately jump into action.

If I try to do this today, using the current lobby, it's high possibility that I'm not able to find an Act 3 game in nightmare or only one game and they're far not far enough ahead.

If I visit Discord or JSP today and say "hey guys , is anyone here in Act 3 nightmare?" I'm sure to hear crickets? or I'd be posting this to multiple communities in the span of 10 minutes.

The point I'm trying to make is that we ought to be able to locate people to play with during Act 1 to 5, normal and beyond, to join in baal/chaos and then instantly grind away without needing to type a phrase (such such as "any Baal-related games?" which is what I get when I visit discords).